Stella & Chewy’s in Oak Creek temporarily reimburses adoption fees for senior pets from any shelter in the United States and Canada

One of several dogs on a recent Pilots To The Rescue flight licks their chops as they may smell something from Stella & Chewy’s, an Oak Creek-based natural pet food company that is reimbursing all November senior pet adoption costs up to $80,000.

During the month of November, anyone can adopt an older dog or cat for free.

Oak Creek-based Stella & Chewy’s reimburses up to $80,000 in costs for all dog and cat adoptions five years or older from any shelter in the United States and Canada.

Additionally, through a partnership with Pilots To The Rescue, senior pets will be flown to more “adoptable cities to help them find forever homes,” Stella & Chewy’s said in a press release from the release. October 27.

“When I first discovered Stella & Chewy’s, I knew our joint senior animal rescue missions would have a big impact on the lives of these incredible animals, but also on the families who would bring them home.” , said Michael Schneider, founder of Pilots To The Rescue. “I am honored to work together this year to kick off National Adopt a Senior Pet Month by transporting senior pets to new cities in hopes of being adopted.”

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Refunds are made via In addition to reimbursing the fee, the company includes a $40 voucher for Stella & Chewy products. The average cost to adopt an animal is $263, according to what Stella & Chewy’s has seen during the program.

Marie Moody, the founder of Stella & Chewy’s, named the company after her two rescue dogs.

“Stella & Chewy’s has a long-standing focus on adopting senior pets, but this year we’re excited to take it even further by not only breaking down the adoption cost barrier, but also making senior animals more accessible through our work with Pilots To the Rescue,” she said.

Moody’s said rescuing an animal, as opposed to outright buying, is something people should consider when looking for a new pet because rescue animals might “fit the profile you’re looking for.” ‘they’re looking for”.

“It’s actually hard not to bring them all home,” she said. “On some level, I think they know they’re rescued, and they’re really amazing pets.”

Stella & Chewy's is reimbursing pet adoption costs in the United States and Canada, up to $80,000, through November.

Oak Creek-based Stella & Chewy’s is reimbursing adoption costs for senior pets in the United States and Canada, up to $80,000, through November.

Why Adopt a Senior Pet? Moody said that since they are adults there are no big surprises, they are often already clean, more self-sufficient, less destructive and tend to be calmer.

“They don’t have that puppy energy,” she said. “Senior pets are often overlooked and people miss opportunities if they miss them.”

Stella & Chewy’s has helped more than 650 senior pets find homes and reimbursed over $200,000 in pet adoption costs since the national Adopt a Senior Pet campaign began in 2019. This effort is part of the Journey Home Fund, which aims to raise awareness for senior pets. adoption issues and ensuring good nutrition for shelter animals.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, older dogs have a 25% adoption rate compared to 60% for younger dogs.

Stella & Chewy’s suggests that those interested in parenting a senior pet consult the Humane Animal Welfare Society, Elmbrook Humane Society, and Wisconsin Humane Society.

Stella & Chewy’s was founded in 2003 and offers natural pet foods such as frozen patties and chunks, freeze-dried dinners and meal mixers, baked kibbles, stews, broths and treats.

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