Supa Quick Shows Their Love For Their Furry Friends By Paying Pet Adoption Fees

Give the gift of a loving home this Valentine’s month.

The greatest gift you can give this month of love is a loving home to an adopted four-legged friend!

And Supa Quick is helping to spread that love with its Adopt-a-Pet campaign.

They urge people who are looking for a new pet to join the family, or who are simply looking for a four-legged friend to keep them company, to adopt rather than shop around! And to make it easier for people looking to share the love with a furry friend, Supa Quick will cover adoption costs up to R1000 when you adopt a pet from any agency. registered adoption in South Africa.

“Plus, as a thank you for your kindness, for each pet you adopt, you will receive a Supa Quick pet basket filled with treats for your new family member,” Supa Quick said in a statement.

Adopt a new best friend

Did you know that animal shelter cats and dogs are healthier than purebred dogs because they tend to have fewer inherited genetic health conditions? Plus, when you adopt from a shelter, you save two lives – when you bring home a pet, you’re helping by opening up space for another animal.

By adopting it, you will not only save a life, but also save costs. Vaccinations, microchipping, sterilization and deworming are part of the adoption costs, which will be covered by Supa Quick.

How to start

Visit any registered adoption agency in South Africa and you could make a difference by helping save hundreds of shelters and saving cats and dogs. Now go ahead and find your furry friend today!

To benefit from it, a WhatsApp proof of your adoption and a photo of you and your new cat or dog on 071 042 3005.

  • The campaign is valid for the first hundred participants. Terms and conditions of application.
  • The campaign runs until February 28.

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