The best new TV to stream this week – from Selling The OC to Welcome to Wrexham

WE are never short of exciting new TV releases right now, and this week is no exception.

There are plenty of hot new series and movies coming out over the next few days, and we’ve rounded them all up for you.


Selling Jason Oppenheim of Sunset has a team of men and women in his new Orange County office

Selling the OC – Netflix

Selling Jason Oppenheim of Sunset has a team of men and women in his new Orange County office

The luxury real estate market must be booming because this is the second Selling Sunset spin-off in as many years.

But unlike Selling Tampa, which focuses on an all-black, all-female business in Florida, Selling The OC is connected to the main show of real estate guru Jason Oppenheim, who has now left Sunset to open a second office in the Oppenheim Group, and this one is in the coastal town of Newport Beach, Orange County, equally unaffordable for most of us.

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A major difference here is that OC features male agents as well as female agents – and it should come as no surprise that they look good and enjoy a bit of drama…

Available Wednesday, August 24

Welcome to Wrexham – Disney+

When movie stars Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) invested their Hollywood megabucks in the historic Welsh lower league football team – sorry, football – team Wrexham AFC in 2020, it felt more like a cheesy movie plot than a real life one.

This charming series takes us to the North Wales town and explores the impact of this unlikely development on both the locals and on Ryan and Rob, who come across as friendly and practical landlords.

Available Thursday, August 25

Ben Stokes: Phoenix of the Ashes – Amazon Prime

Produced by Oscar-winning director and cricket fanatic Sam Mendes, this film gets intimate with England cricket ace Ben, exploring his World Cup triumph and heroism in the Headingley crease, as well as the lows that made headlines newspapers that saw him banned from practicing this sport.

Ben is open throughout, discussing his mental health issues, and we see his final visit to his terminally ill father, while the late Shane Warne is also present.

Available Friday, August 26

Who murdered Meredith Kercher? -Paramount+

This dark two-part true-crime documentary series takes us back to November 2007 in Perugia, Italy, where 21-year-old British exchange student Meredith Kercher was brutally murdered.

The case became a huge international story, with American student – and Meredith’s roommate – Amanda Knox one of those charged with the crime.

Knox’s co-defendant, Raffaele Sollecito, is among those interviewed here and the show revisits the media coverage, the much-criticized initial investigation and the subsequent trial.

Available Thursday, August 25

Dog – Amazon Prime

Channing Tatum has chosen an unusual sidekick for this pet project, which he directs and co-stars – a Belgian shepherd named Lulu.

Channing plays Jackson Briggs, an army ranger who transports his late friend’s difficult dog to his funeral, embarking on a road trip with challenges along the way as man and dog come to depend one of the other.

Lulu is a scene stealer and it’s heartwarming, heartfelt and nerdy in the best possible way.

A Vavailable sunday august 28

View – Apple TV+

Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Game Of Thrones) is back for the third and final chapter of this post-apocalyptic dystopian drama, created by Peaky Blinders’ Steven Knight.

If you’ve never seen the show before, it’s set several hundred years in the future, with our planet’s population reduced to less than two million people, thanks to a 21stvirus of the last century that is descending on most of humanity (a deadly global virus? Imagine that…)

Sadly, the descendants of these few survivors were left without vision and the way of life on Earth regressed to a more brutal and primitive hunter-gatherer existence.

Jason plays Baba Voss, leader among the hunters and also leader of the Alkenny tribe. It all started when Baba’s wife, Maghra (Hera Hilmar), gave birth, with both children having the precious gift of sight.

Maghra’s older sister, Queen Sibeth Kane (Sylvia Hoeks), the ruler of a water-powered dam in the Kingdom of Payan, proved to be a ruthless and murderous monarch, while Baba’s younger brother , Edo (Dave Bautista), was a vengeful enemy (what’s with the sibling relationships on this show?).

The third season begins a year after Baba defeats Edo and goes on his own. He is soon forced to leave his native forest and return to society, however, when a scientist comes up with a new type of sight weapon that seems to put everyone in grave danger.

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His plan – which will appeal to fans of the show’s genuinely epic battle scenes – goes through the “elegant solution” of war. “I have spent my life trying to protect my family,” says Baba Voss. “The battle begins today.”

While it’s not exactly brimming with laughs, See is a delightfully weird and ambitious big-budget action-adventure series, while fantasy fan-favorite Jason adds a hulking physical presence.

New weekly episodes starting Friday, August 26

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought a football club in Wrexham, North Wales


Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought a football club in Wrexham, North Wales

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