TikTok-Famous Corgi Maxine Spawns Hot-Selling Dog Backpack Brand ‘Little Chonk’

The designer-focused pet brand Little Chonk arrived care of the contractor Bryan reisberg and his TIC Tac-the famous corgi, Maxine, which has 3.4 million followers and 850,000 Instagram fans under the nickname Mad Max Fluffy Road.

Little Chonk, a brand of dog backpacks, was born out of photos and videos of Maxine traveling around New York City in her own bag, under rules instituted by the Metropolitan Transport Authority in 2016, that dogs could only take the metro if they could fit in a bag.

After being frustrated with inferior bags and amid the enthusiasm of fans to get their own backpacks like Maxine’s, Reisberg decided to make his own.

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Little Chonk was launched on December 15 – Maxine’s sixth birthday – after 16 months of fundraising, during which he raised a $ 400,000 pre-seed round from 15 angel investors. These funds have gone into research, design and development, the company said. Little Chonk also recruited specialist veterinarians to guide the development, training the Little Chonk Medical Council.

Only one product exists today, called The Maxine One. It’s priced at $ 120 and features an ergonomic design, breathable interiors, self-locking zippers, and a bottom port for dogs’ tails to hang down. The first drop sold out in four minutes, says Little Chonk, and currently has a waiting list of 12,000 people. A second drop hits today with even more units.

Other backpack variants are coming. The Maxine One S, a version for small dogs, is expected to hit the market in the coming months, with additional models to follow. The company has also announced its intention to raise a “substantial” fundraising round in early 2022.

Finally, Little Chonk is collaborating with the MTA on a month-long campaign in honor of National Pet Travel Safety Month which aims to teach New Yorkers to ride with their dogs in backpacks. In addition to assets on their respective social channels, the videos will be shown on digital screens in trains and stations across the city.

A Little Chonk x MTA A pop-up will launch later this month, featuring meetings with Maxine and a limited supply of backpacks for sale.

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