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VIJAYAWADA: During a two-week operation carried out by officials of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC), it was found that up to 25 stores selling pets were operating in the city without the required permits from government departments. fire, livestock and forestry, in violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

The investigation was carried out following a recent fire incident at a decoration store on Rajagopalachari Street below the boundaries of Governorpet Police Station on October 25, where ornamental fish, birds and d other pets were charred to death. Authorities conducted an investigation to identify the number of stores in the city that were operating in unsafe conditions in order to curb the widespread exploitation of animals for their business.

It was found that when the fire broke out in the home decor store, there was no security guard present to protect the animals and no fire safety equipment in place to prevent untoward incidents. Governorpet police said store management refused to file a complaint and did not even mention the number of species that died in the blaze. However, the police registered a case under section 429 IPC and sections 11 (1) (a), 11 (1) (e), 11 (1) (l), 38, 38 ( 1) of the Law on the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. (PCAA) against store management when a local NGO, Help for Animal Society (HAS), filed an animal cruelty complaint.

In accordance with the 2018 Animal Cruelty Prevention (Pet Shop) Rules, pet shop owners and traders must obtain a registration certificate from the National Council for the Care of Animals or the state society concerned without which they is not authorized to operate the store. .

“Unfortunately, the 25 stores identified during our inspection did not have any licenses from the Animal Welfare Board and the fire service. None of them approached us despite the tragic incident, ”said assistant vet Ravi Chand. If the store is not registered or does not operate within the standards set by the rules of the PCAA, severe measures will be taken against it. Files will be filed and their registrations will also be canceled, he added.

Ravi Chand explained that pet stores cannot operate in or near areas where there is noise or noxious fumes and odors. In accordance with PCAA Rule 6, no pet facility may operate on a cabin, cabin, sidewalk, or other makeshift temporary arrangement. . “Basic amenities such as clean water and an adequate supply of electricity, including emergency power, should be available to provide animals with a safe, healthy and stress-free environment. In addition, stores must have an appropriate ventilation system and an ideal temperature according to the species of animals housed, ”he explained. When TNIE contacted the traders, they declined to comment on the matter.

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