Wichita Falls Animal Services Waives Pet Adoption Fees

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Although Wichita Falls Animal Services officials said they tend to expect an increase in the number of animals housed at the recovery center at this time of year, the Animal Services Administrator Nicki Bacon said they are seeing higher numbers than usual.

That’s why they’re waiving adoption fees this week in hopes of bringing those numbers down.

When adopting a pet, most families choose a new family member who will be with them for life, but Bacon said sometimes that’s not the case, which can lead to a big problem: the over population.

“We’re so overwhelmed right now, we don’t normally fill these bottom cages here, but we have to fill the bottom,” Bacon said. “Our cats who are in the back too, who come as strays or feral cats – it’s filling up there.”

Bacon said they even had to start housing extra dogs in large crates just because they ran out of space.

“Last week we had 19 owner buyouts, and normally – we don’t have that many in a week, and it’s also the summer months, so it’s warmer,” Bacon said.

The heat poses an even greater threat to animals on the street, something Bacon said the community can help with.

“Spay and neuter your pets, whether your pet is an indoor cat or an indoor dog that only goes to the backyard to use the bathroom,” Bacon says. “At any time, if a stray wild animal walks into your yard or accidentally leaves that time, it could, you know, create three litters.”

Bacon said not only can the public help solve the overpopulation problem, you can also help feed these animals while they are housed here.

“We can never have too many gifts; the more the merrier,” Bacon said. “It helps us help animals.”

She said they accept cash donations, as well as food and other pet-related items.

Bacon said all you have to do is walk in during opening hours. She said families will be interviewed to decide what kind of animals they are looking for.

Waived adoption fees will run until Saturday, May 21.

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