Your letters: Inappropriate retail environment for selling puppies, says writer

Dear Editor,

I felt compelled to respond to the recent article you wrote regarding Weston’s pet store. I have been involved in animal rescue, adoption and repatriation efforts for over 30 years. Although I’m not personally active right now, I’m friends with people who, to this day, are grappling with the puppy mill situation. Not many people know it, but neighboring Clark County is the puppy mill capital of Wisconsin.

There is no situation where a retail environment is appropriate to sell puppies to anyone who walks through the door with the funds. Even if someone doesn’t want to adopt from the Humane Society or a rescue group, there are responsible breeders they can contact. Responsible breeders don’t supply animals to pet stores, but puppy mills and irresponsible breeders do.

Ringle’s Pam Haefner

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